Based in Austin, Robinson Rose is led by Tenaya Robinson and Rose Barnett, a partnership that brings each designer’s unique talents and experiences to the forefront of their practice. Their diverse backgrounds include hotel, restaurant, and residential design, concepting and remodeling buildings, custom furniture design, bespoke events, styling, set design, costuming, and stage performance. Tenaya and Rose believe that the process of any spatial design endeavor, enduring or temporary, should begin with person, place, and purpose; examining how one actually lives in comparison with one’s desires and dreams; in order to create harmonious spaces that will withstand the test of time, enrich the lives of the inhabitants, and serve generations to come.

RR design decisions are rooted in the project’s surroundings, architectural language, intended functionality, and the preferences of the occupants. This sensitivity to context creates spaces which are sensorially engaging and immersive. At the core of Robinson Rose’s ethos is a commitment to timelessness and sustainability. By valuing quality materials, enduring design principles, and reimagining existing structures, RR strives to reduce waste and craft spaces that stand as testaments to their occupants’ well-being, while also respecting the planet’s future.